NEXT presents products from the category “What do I need sometimes, but not every day” a 24-hour loan system as part of the public infrastructure is just as free as local transport

available to the general public. 24 hours on the one hand, because NEXT is largely autonomous, in other words, works without staff in order to always be open and available. But 24 hours also to motivate short loan times and to minimize idle and unused products.

If you need something, you take it e.g. on the way back from work to university or school home, use it and bring it back the next day if you anyway have to go straight back.

For this modular, expandable lending and bus stop system fast assembled prefabricated parts are used, which are individually tailored to the needs of the residents and can be adjusted inside the respective stop. This system can be built around integrated charging and rental stations for e-scooters and bicycles, public devices or greenhouses and makerspaces - all within the prefabricated modular system that already exists for the stops.

In cooperation with Jan-Hendrik Folger, Magdalena Schmitz, Saskia Rengshausen and
Anika Dombrowa

YEAR   2019 | WS19

Sketches by Anika Dombrova

This is a cable rewinder, an example product of the NEXT Stations.

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